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  • A More Powerful Career
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Not Happy with Work

Whether you are unhappy at your current job or currently in between jobs, if you are not currently happy and fulfilled with your vocational work, NOW is the time to change that and discover/create your dream career!

Relationship Struggle

Relationships can be tough. The Roles we play in life as parent, child, spouse, friend, co-worker, employee, boss, (insert any other relationship here) all take time and energy. Learn how to improve each interaction!

Unforeseen Illness

Whether due to genetics, lengthy time periods of bad decisions, or recent test result, each leads to a moment of realization where you decide to fight or give up. Let's put a Game Plan in place to overcome!

3 Life Changing Ways to Unlock Your "Super Powers"!!!

Emotional Intelligence

While you are born with and unable to change your IQ (Intelligence Quotient), your EQ can definitely be increased! This will help you better deal with the unforeseen obstacles that life throws at each of us!


The BAUD device allows your brain to create new habits of brainwave activity. This device effectively "normalizes brain function" which helps alleviate symptoms of anxiety, chronic pain, addiction, cravings, and more!

Game Plans

Every one of us is wired differently. And each of us responds to treatment differently. Having the right coach will help you transition more powerfully, whether through an existing or upcoming major life event!

Marisa Will Help You Discover the Most Powerful Version of YOU!!

"Marisa’s passion for, and comprehensive understanding of emotional intelligence is remarkable and contagious. Her contributions as an ambassador to the Society of Emotional Intelligence has been extremely helpful in the growth of the local chapter; but, most significantly, she has been an unwavering supporter since 2010.

She not only talks emotional intelligence she demonstrates the principles in her day to day interactions. I am grateful for her effort and contributions and look forward to her continued input as emotional intelligence becomes a core attribute to all."

• Hank Clemons (CEO and President of the Society of Emotional Intelligence)

"I have known and worked with Marisa for 5 years now, and I have consistently seen her both live her own life with high emotional intelligence, and help others transition through change with success and relative peace. Marisa has helped me personally with numerous changes that I have gone through over the past number of years including job reorganizations, divorce and moving. I am happy to say that I have learned so much from her that I now am able to get myself through most change and to help others too."

• Susan Hughes

"Marisa Massone is an amazing emotionally intelligent professional. With each interaction she faces it with an open mind and heart. Whenever there are challenges, she excels at bringing people together to create both in and out of the box solutions. I highly recommend Marisa to provide guidance and emotional intelligence to your team(s)."

• Hector Padro

"My name is Joe Bilecki. I’m a software engineer and I’ve known Marisa Massone for nearly 20 years. We’ve worked together on projects for the airline industry and in healthcare information technology. In Marisa’s work as a business analyst, she works with both with software systems and business users. As an analyst, it is imperative that one listen to both the needs of the business and the needs of the tech team. This requires superior listening, communication and technical skills, all of which Marisa possess in quantity. I always feel that being a strong business analyst like Marisa is, requires one to also be a teacher. Marisa introduced me to emotional intelligence through the Society of Emotional Intelligence. She taught me its concepts and principles. The principles she taught me have had a positive impact on my career by allowing me to enhance and maintain business relationships. I encourage those interested in emotional intelligence, who are looking to do the same for their professional and personal needs, to seek out her guidance. I certainly do. "

• Joe Bilecki

About Your Coach

Through a series of unforeseen circumstances in 2008, Marisa discovered that while your Intelligence Quotient is what it is, your Emotional Intelligence can definitely be improved.

This powerful discovery has helped Marisa transition through many life events much more powerfully than she would have been able to previously.

Like most great discoveries, this was something that needed to be shared!

And Marisa began sharing what she had discovered with those closest to her to help improve their lives as well.

By 2010, Marisa had achieved the designation of Emotional Intelligence Coach through the Society Of Emotional Intelligence (SoEI)

Marisa has helped countless women transition through work, relationship, and medical changes - some were planned and many were unforeseen.

EVERYONE is either coming out of one of life's valleys, currently entrenched in one, or heading into one.

If you'd like to learn how you can shorten your stay in life's valleys and how to come out the other side Stronger and More Powerfully, then schedule your Discovery Call today with someone who has already Been There and Done That!!

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